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Updating two identical pages simultaneously

I have an event that I'd like to include under a Fundraising AND Activities parent pages. Is there a way to update this page once and have the changes migrate to the other page so I don't have to duplicate my efforts?  

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  • Jan 15 2019
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    Alex Wack commented
    16 Jan 20:56

    Hi There,

    Updating the the content on two identical pages at the same time sounds like a job for a Linked Page! Specifically, a Linked > Reuse Content page.

     By turning one of the two pages into a Linked Page, of the Reuse Content type and then pointing it at the other page it will take on all the content of the main page. Any changes you make to the content of the main page will appear on that linked page the second they're published. All while allowing the linked page to maintain its own name, URL, theme and even Layout.

    You can read more about how to setup a Reuse Content page in our knowledge base, here: