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Forms: any recommendations on an EARLY BIRD form where cost changes after a date?

Last year, I cloned the form and input new price. BUT then when using a Forms Results Page, all date IS NOT in the same spreadsheet.

Any suggestions on best way for price to change (and not using Registration ... cause already have T-Shirts on them for school fair)


Thank you

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  • Jan 28 2019
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    Daisey Fahringer commented
    28 Jan 23:01


    One option you might think about trying is the "Date-Based Conditional" setting on the field. This setting allows you to display a field for a certain date range. So, in your example, you could create 2 fields: 1) Early Bird price 2) Regular price. Set the Early Bird field to display from the start of the form, until the first day you no longer want to offer this price. Then set the Regular price field to start on the first day you want to offer this price (no end date is needed if you want to have this field display forever after it's start date).

    Just remember that the conditional field will expire at 12:00 am on the selected day - in other words, at the very start of the date selected. If the conditional is set to expire on "May 15," for instance, then it will be visible up until 23:59:59 on May 14. At 00:00:00 on May 15, the conditional field will be hidden.

    Hope this solution will work for what you are trying to accomplish!


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    03 Feb 00:19

    That is awesome. Thank you for the Conditional Function.

    I’ve been manually adjusting the prices the day early bird changes and it’s always time consuming.

    Appreciate the help


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