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Is there a Pre-Made Element that allows you to "embed" the WebEx Calendar Component in a FinalSite page?

It would be useful if there were a pre-made widget in FinalSite that would allow us to display the WebEx Calendar Component on a FinalSite page, which would allow us to improve the process we use for scheduling online training with the people my team service.

Although one solution would be to setup a FinalSite calendar and display that on our web page, unfortunately the FinalSite calendars can't be "connected" to the calendars that WebEx makes available as part of their service, which automatically display upcoming training's, and allow individuals to "Register" for those sessions with a click of a button.

It would be great if FinalSite had a widget that just allows that to happen, because using just a standard Embed tag with WebEx pages, isn't allowed.  WebEx appears to block this simple way of doing things.

Can FinalSite come to the rescue in this case?

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  • Sep 28 2018
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