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Is there a way to, by URL parameter, launch a page with an accordion panel open?

I'd like to provide a way (hyperlink) to go to a page with a particular accordion/tab panel already OPEN. Possibly with that part of the page at the top of the window as well like you can with traditional anchors. The page if visited normally would NOT have that panel open by default. Anyone know how to accomplish this?

  • Tracy Kouns
  • Oct 10 2018
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  • Admin
    Alex Wack commented
    October 16, 2018 13:24

    Hi Tracy,

    To get a link directly to an accordion panel and have it open when a visitor opens that link, right click on the title of the panel and select 'Copy Link'/'Copy Link Address'. Note, the name of this option will depend upon the browser and operating system you're using.

    This link will include the URL to the page and then a `#` followed by the ID of the accordion panel.

    Here's a quick video demonstrating how this works: