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Add a "please publish" button for people with editing but not publishing capabilities.

It would be helpful if there were a button page editors could push to send an automated notification to website admin notifying them of a post that needs to be published. We have had to remove the ability for many people to publish because we need to ensure ADA guidelines are met due to an OCR complaint. It's proving too hard to get the editors to follow the guidelines. As things stand, editors currently have to open a tech ticket in a second interface. it adds  unnecessary steps for editors and publishers. 

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  • May 14 2018
  • Future Consideration
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  • Camilo Arjona commented
    3 Apr, 2019 02:18am

    This post was made over a year ago. Is this still "under the radar"? Its a bit jarring that this was possible on the old page manager, but not on Composer.

  • Lauren Barth commented
    30 May, 2018 12:39pm

    Thanks for your feedback on this workflow, I can imagine this extra step - particularly when you're talking about a large number of editors - is cumbersome. Other schools have asked for some type of notification feature for this is well, so it is on our radar, but I don't have a timeline for it just yet.



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