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Submit Pages for Approval Option to facilitate careful review of content before going live.

Having a "Submit pages for Approval Option" or a "Publishing Manager" is something that would be greatly beneficial, especially to teams with numerous website updaters or those responsible for vast amounts of web content.   This option currently exists within Page Manager which allows web updaters several options when requesting approval for a web change they have made. 

The option allows them to note specific changes, includes site breadcrumb to show exact location within the sitemap, and includes a list of site administrators they can select through to receive the web review request.  If an option like this could be made available in Composer and work in the same way, it stands to greatly improve overall web management workflow and communication concerning website updates.

We have 90+ web updaters university-wide, and see this as an essential piece for our web content management so we are able to give updaters an easy way to notify us when changes occur and what those specific changes/details are.  The alternative option is to advise updaters to go through outlook or a separate email platform which leads to lack of consistency and many times, the potential lack of details concerning changes.


  • Steve Filipiak
  • Oct 11 2019
  • Released/Resolved
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  • Alex Wack commented
    30 Jul 08:16pm

    And don't forget to check out the release notes blog for a full rundown of this weekend's release:

  • Alex Wack commented
    30 Jul 08:07pm

    Great News!

    This weekend we will be releasing a new feature for users to request to publish pages. This "Request Publish" button will exist for users who do not have rights to publish a page. They can send the request to a specific admin and include a comment, sending an email to the admin with the comment and a link back to the requested page.

  • Rob Rawcliffe commented
    14 Oct, 2019 02:20pm

    Thanks for the thoughts with this request, its something we will be looking at in the future. The Posts module in Composer was introduced to aid in that process, allowing users to create content and then have the owner of the board publish the content after it is approved. This article should help explain how the permissions work:

    We are always looking at ways to make editors life a little easier with larger website deployments. This idea will be considered among some others in Composer, to aid in that process.



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